LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge bw Beat Connection [OPRDFA002]

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As debut’s go none gets more accolades than this stomping aural shoulder shrug from James Murphy, LCD’s debut didn’t even feature on their first LP (just the fucken CD when they were cool and stuff)… but it didn’t have to man.  It’s a great album this song henyways.

Released July 2002 there’s nothing more to write about this than what Murphy elaborated on the birth and the release of the song:

“So I started going to different types of things and meeting different people, and started throwing parties. And all of a sudden, I was kind of cool, I’d always just been a total… not even an outsider, just sort of a nobody, a sort of invisible, sad and kind of shy. And all of a sudden I was DJing, and felt cool, throwing parties. And then one night I went to go see a band, and somebody else was playing the records that I was playing. Nobody else was playing the records that I was playing, that was sort of my thing! And I got really mad, and I got really defensive. And I was like ‘What the heck, that’s mine! What the–who the hell is this? Some 22-year-old…’, and I got really embarrassed by being like ‘These aren’t your records, you didn’t write them, you just… play them, you just own them, you can’t be proud of yourself for owning them’ but I was mad at the same time because I was like ‘I know that kid was at one of my parties…’. It was this really dense conflict that I couldn’t resolve, and that’s where ‘Losing My Edge‘ came from. I didn’t have a good answer. I was angry, but I was also pathetic for being angry. There wasn’t really a right or wrong, you know? I was right and wrong, and this kid was right and wrong, and everybody there was right and wrong. It felt really dense, and really easy to write from. Easy to make something from.

So I made that song, and everybody thought it was terrible. I remember playing it to people, and they’d give you this face (makes a face of surprise and doubt), you know, when they don’t want to say anything! And they’d ask me about technical stuff like ‘Oh, what are the drums?’ and I was like ‘OK, you don’t like this’. And Phil Mossman, who was the original LCD guitar player, was the only person that was like ‘I love this, I really love this, it’s very funny’. So we put it out, and the people from the label, my two partners Tim and Jonathan afterwards said ‘We just thought you were making a big mistake, you’re gonna look like an idiot, and we just feel bad for you’. It was the B-Side to ‘Beat Connection’ until the last minute.

I thought ‘No, it should be the A-Side, that should be the one I should sink or swim with”.

If there’s a better song that truly encapsulates the dreariness of the DJ, the hope/distain in the ensuing mentality, the belief in your ‘relevancy’, the parasitic ownership of other’s hard fought and toil in musical art, and the futility in knowing your ‘house of cards’ is nothing more than a continually forced relational transaction… pedaling your musical wares for ego gratification, we’re all ears mayte…

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