Fracture & Neptune – Clissold (Machinedrum VIP)

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2003, Astrophonica pulled together a three-part, experimental VIP series concluding with an invitation to Machinedrum to give his take on the label’s DnB ‘isims’… a deft move to search for a new sound.

Jungle Juke? Clissold VIP saw the then Berlin-based producer add his unique touch to Fracture & Neptune’s excellent original on an extremely limited, single-sided 10 inch (cue gushing record geek head nods).  Travis dove deep, taking the superb O.G. track into a frenetic ‘chetched’ vibe, pushing at established genre seams and delivering a truly boundary breaking musical experience. Machinedrum fux tempos and genres, pushing the forefront of scene conformity forward, creating beautiful space for producers en masse to flex their ideas with abandon.  A decade after the nexus of its production it still kicks dancefloors hard, the warped bassline sending floors into a fenzy as the drums get vibey.

Clissold VIP’ combines elemental footwork with the energy of Jungle and quite simply put, beautiful rhythm, melody, composition, chord progression all with an emotional intensity few harness. BoC synths complete glitchy drums ensuring the track gleams… like paua shells catching late morning rays on the front lawn. Things get antsy, skittering jungle gives all access to DnB boffins (the VIP in the song title signals this from the get go) but Machinedrum keeps things accessible rather than simple sausage party fodder.  Dancefloors respond, people find their ‘god-selves’ and really get the fuck down. Music wins, we all survive.

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