D:Bridge – Death Of A Drum Machine

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This relatively meditative (for DnB, anyway) stretcher is right up there… Roni Size/Reprazent eat your heart out, this ditty is every bit as good as the golden days of Bristols finest and subsequent contemporaries.

Belgian electronic powerhouse R&S is fucken hard to pigeon hole.  Housing a plethora of artists from the Dalmatian overtures of Manchester based producer Lone to the post-dubstep styling’s of James Blake, and techno releases from everyone worth noting… and so very much more.  Whilst the label retains a firm sense of quality with R&S one expects the unexpected.  So no surprises when dBridge‘s drop was this good. A perennial figure within the DnB scene, dBridge has serious appeal so anything he touches garners interest from appreciators across the electronic spectrum.

Some may know him as Steve Spacek’s little bro but veteran dBridge is his own and here showing us yet again why genre-breaking label R&S Records is the natural home for this tune: ghetto-stamped hybrid ‘Death of a Drum Machine’ rolls an offbeat Northern Funk/Soul break over snarling bass and soft, retro keyboards.

(The Dynamic 7 – Squeeze Me)

A slopped-up Malcolm X sample with some Bobby Byrd ommph season the Twilight Zone jungle vibe with right-angled bass notes seething out of the driving sequence.  Weaving DnB schematics through grubbier dub rhythms the sound borders on techno, but that’s rather simplistic to leave it at that, there’s so much to appreciate here.

Death of a Drum Machine’ is no standard DnB roller.  Rhythmically filmic piano chords embellished an absolutely exquisite composition. A love letter to electronica, sampling, and funk so utterly modern it sits comfortably at the forefront of what Electronic music should be.  If there’s just one DnB tune to own (other than a smattering of MetalHeadz 12’s, M.I.S.T., Calibre and the Reprazent/Congo Natty catalogues) this is it… the ping pong tiddly.

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